From the very beginning, Davey’s handbags and accessories have combined New England Craftsmanship with modern design and functionality ideas.

The brand’s heritage lineage has evolved through the skills of handmade harnessmakers, American student culture, New England’s Ivy-League style, 1980’s preppy, New York fashion, and street culture.

When developing new products, we look to the Davey’s archives for inspiration. We select popular and relevant styles from the past and update them with an authenticity that is uniquely Davey’s. 

Davey’s respects your individuality.   On most of our handbags, the embossed Davey’s logo plate can be interchanged with an engraved monogram plate. You choose the font and up to 7 characters, making it YOUR bag!   

Davey’s also believes in sustainability through upcycling.  We look for fabrics that have already been created and use those to curate a special collection for you. Using fabrics that have already been made is more sustainable than making new fabrics. 

For years, most brands and retailers have focused on quantity over quality.   At Davey’s, we are making an effort to make each of our products in a very limited quantity to offer our customers a unique and exclusive product.   Most of our bags are part of a limited edition collection and arrive with a tag that is hand-numbered. 

Davey’s – It’s YOUR bag!