Introducing Davey's Through the Decades

Introducing Davey's Through the Decades

Welcome to Davey's Through the Decades - a new blog series straight from the heart of Davey's! Get ready to hop on a time machine of nostalgia as we dive into the world of a die-hard Davey's fan, reminiscing about all things Davey's. Let it reignite the excitement you felt when you got your first Davey's bag, reflecting on the youthful enthusiasm we should carry into adulthood. In this grand opening post, get cozy as we unveil the wisdom and musings of Merry Ingle from Maryville, TN.


Davey’s: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Merry Ingle: “I grew up in Tazewell ,Tennessee, a quaint town just outside of Knoxville.”


D: Where do you live now?

MI: “Maryville, another town conveniently located on the outskirts of Knoxville.”


D: What was your first Davey’s bag?

MI: “The navy doctor bag. I had one when I was a kid and I have one now. I have several Davey’s bags and am waiting on one to come back in stock. There are so many people who live in my area that run me down and say, ‘Is that a Davey’s?’ I always laugh and say, ‘Why, yes, it is,’ and direct them to the website.”


D: What year did you purchase your first Davey’s bag? How old were you?

MI: “1988. I was 13 and it was a Christmas gift.”


D: Where did you purchase your first Davey’s bag?

MI: “A boutique store in East Town Mall in Knoxville. It was my favorite Christmas gift!”



D: What was your favorite Davey's bag? Did you have more than one Davey’s bag? 

MI: “The Doctor Bag. I have the same blue doctor bag from the new collection and the matching navy wallet. It's my favorite! I get so many girls coming up to me asking, 'Is that a Davey’s?' We reminisce about the 80's and I give them the website so they can get one, too. I have several Davey’s bags. I wore the pink madras patchwork crossbody saddlebag from the 2017 Collection to Las Vegas last year and had so many compliments. I love my Davey’s bags.”


D: What is your favorite memory of Davey’s?

MI: “I have so many, but my favorite is when I see someone walking up to me now and asking, ‘Is that a Davey’s bag?’ and replying, ‘Why, yes it is.’  But, I sure did love going back to school after getting my first Davey’s bag for Christmas back in 1988.” 



D: Additional stories/comments about your history with Davey's.

MI: “I loved my Davey’s bag so much. I carried it for years. It was the only thing that I wanted. I used to dream about that bag. I had been having dreams about my Davey’s bag and telling my husband that I wanted one. I found a vintage one on Ebay and bought it. It was a small green bag from the 80’s.  After that, I found the Davey's website. I was so excited!! I constantly searched for Davey’s for years and years. I never gave up and the day I found Davey’s website and realized I could buy a new Davey’s bag, I did.”


Over the years, our customer's love for Davey's bags has remained constant. She's always on the lookout for the latest designs and eagerly waits for her favorites to be back in stock. Whenever she spots someone with a Davey's bag, she can't help but reminisce about her own history with the brand. And when someone asks her if she's carrying a Davey's, she's always proud to say, "Why yes, it is!"


In conclusion, our customer's journey with Davey's bags is a testament to our timeless designs and quality. Her story is just one among many, and we look forward to creating more memories and bags for our customers to cherish. At Davey's, we believe that a bag is not just a bag - it's a part of your story, and we're honored to be a part of it.


To learn more about Davey’s, please visit www.davey’ If you would like to be featured in Davey’s Through the Decades, please email



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