Davey's Through the Decades #2, Bethany Wright

Davey's Through the Decades #2, Bethany Wright

Welcome back to "Davey's Through the Decades" - an exciting new blog series directly from the heart of Davey's! Embark on a nostalgic journey through time as we explore the realm of a devoted Davey's enthusiast, reflecting on all things Davey's. Let the excitement of owning your first Davey's bag resurface, encouraging us to maintain our youthful enthusiasm. In this next post, we reveal the insights and reflections of Bethany Wright from Bryan, TX.


Davey’s: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Bethany Wright:My dad’s job in the railroad industry took us many places growing up, mostly in the South…Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas and Florida.


D: Where do you live now?

BW:I currently split time between Bryan, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama.”


D: What was your first Davey’s bag?

BW:I don’t remember the style name, but I still have it! It is a navy denim with tan leather straps.”


Bethany Wright today with her first Davey’s bag from 1985.


D: What year did you purchase your first Davey’s bag? How old were you?

BW:Oh my goodness. I remember it vividly! The summer before my freshman year of high school, I visited my cousin Janet in Jackson, Mississippi. She was two years older than me, already in high school, could drive AND had the most fabulous plaid purse WITH her monogram on it. My mission for Summer ‘85 quickly became how fast can I pull together enough babysitting money to get one of my own! So, as soon as I returned home to Texas, my 13-year-old self was taking on as many babysitting opportunities as possible…at $3 an hour, it was going to take some time :-), but the 3 kids across the street could now be endured with sights on a new Davey’s purse!


D: Where did you purchase your first Davey’s bag?

BW:When I had put together enough money, I gave it to my mom and she mailed a check to my aunt in Jackson. I don’t remember much discussion about the styles or colors, but knowing my aunt she selected the denim one since it was a year-round choice and I wouldn’t be limited to one season. :-) (she is in her 80s now and sharp as a tack, I’m going to ask her!) My aunt definitely purchased it for me in Jackson, MS though.


1985 Denim Bag and 2019 Navy Doctor Bag


D: What was your favorite Davey's bag? Did you have more than one Davey’s bag? If so, how many?

BW:I only had the one Davey’s purse until a few years ago. I was going thru old boxes and found my treasured Davey’s purse…it was a keeper always safely protected from closet clean outs or charitable donations. I got online to see if Davey’s was still around and immediately ordered a current similar version of my beloved original.


D: What is your favorite memory of Davey’s?

BW:For me, my Davey’s purse represented growing up, starting high school, having to earn the money on my own to purchase it. I was the only one at my school in Texas with a Davey’s purse so that was pretty neat. I don’t remember many details from those years, but from looking at my well-loved purse, it was no doubt by my side throughout my high school years.


Bethany Wright today with her two Davey’s bags.


D: Additional stories/comments about your history with Davey's.

BW:My love of my Davey’s purse and the ability to personalize it with my own monogram was something I always loved. Later, this love translated into me getting into monogramming and machine embroidery—I have no doubt my Davey’s purse was at the root of my eventual love of sewing/embroidery.


Over the years, our customer's love for Davey's bags has remained constant. She's always on the lookout for the latest designs and eagerly waits for her favorites to be back in stock. Whenever she spots someone with a Davey's bag, she can't help but reminisce about her own history with the brand. And when someone asks her if she's carrying a Davey's, she's always proud to say, "Why yes, it is!"

In conclusion, our customer's journey with Davey's bags is a testament to our timeless designs and quality. Her story is just one among many, and we look forward to creating more memories and bags for our customers to cherish. At Davey's, we believe that a bag is not just a bag - it's a part of your story, and we're honored to be a part of it.

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